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Google AdWords & SEO Consultant Connecticut

Based In Connecticut – Clients Across The US

Searching for Google AdWords help or need a local consultant or an optimizer or need specific issue fixed?

13 Years Of Industry Experience With SEO, AdWords, and WordPress

Robert Stein – Connecticut AdWords Consultant – Glastonbury, CT (860) 659-7135 –

Google AdWords Management & Optimization

Searching for possible Google AdWords help to breathe some fresh air into an older account?  Google Adwords can be highly effective targeting searchers and the precise moment they are in a stage of a buying process. Google AdWords has made an unbelievable number of changes and features over the recent years. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with the new features I have helped solve your problem.

Affordable AdWords Management

Before you know it you may be considering hiring an experienced consultant whose job it is to implement new features before your competition.

I have 13 years of experience managing Google AdWords accounts, campaigns, ads, keywords, quality scores, bid modifications , extensions, cost per conversion and conversion rates to be able to research the PPC blogs for the latest information on pending future changes in both PPC and SEO.

Google Adwords Optimization Help

AdWords focuses on quality scores, match types, extensions, automated bidding, CTR, landing pages, ads, and much more it is very easy to lose that stream of income you had previously. I have managed many accounts in many different industries with vastly different campaign budgets. Let me help take some of the burdens off of you. Profitable PPC with Adwords needs consistent monitoring and optimization. It could be grouping keywords together and serving a highly targeted, creating better performing ads or new ad type, researching competitors using professional PPC tools, AdWords can keep you busy.

Keyword Optimization

Do not waste your Adwords spend on broad match keyword. Use other match types. pause keywords with low-quality scores and make sure your selected keywords and

Bidding Strategy

A properly maintained Google Adwords budget will ensure that your money is being spent the correct way. With Google AdWords, it is possible to increase or decrease your bids based on demographics, gender, device, interest, time of day, geolocation and more.

Reduce wasted ad spend and increase conversions with professional Google AdWords management. Google support to assist you, but it has become very spotty over the years. I advise everyone to find an AdWords expert with 5-10 years experience and can offer you the attention you deserve.

I do not charge a percentage of your spend as many agencies do. I offer my consulting services at an affordable rate of $60/Hour because I think agencies main agenda is growth rather than providing excellent service.

I have 13 years SEO and AdWords experience with many satisfied clients who contact me whenever they have an issue or idea or referral.

Please call 860.659.7135 or email to discuss your AdWords history, what has gone right, what has gone wrong and I can help tremendously.

Google AdWords Consultant Connecticut | SEO Expert

Google AdWords / SEO Consultant In Connecticut

I am an SEO Expert & Google AdWords consultant in the Hartford, CT area with 13+ years of solid digital marketing experience. I been an SEO professional for over 13 years performing and analyzing SEO audits to resolve critical errors. I am also a WordPress  expert and have improved website speed for my clients including hitting the Google Page Speed Score of 100%.

I perform very intense keyword and competitor research using SEMrush and SpyFu for both SEO and PPC. Early adopter of local SEO techniques and have had many  ranking clients into Google’s top 3 local pack.

I use technical on-site SEO using Yoast SEO to add vital META titles, HTML headers, and internal linking structures. I have much experience with SCHEMA and JSON markup.

My Google AdWords services include the set-up and management of Google Adwords accounts. I optimize campaigns, ad groups. ads, and keywords to improve the quality scores and cost per click while growing the number of conversions, increasing conversion rates and cost per conversions. I love competitor and keyword research and analysis.

I also use best practices of A/B ad testing, extensions, bid modifications, call tracking, remarketing, and location & demographic targeting. I learn much about search intent by combing through the actual searcher queries and adding appropriate keywords to a proper ad group or creating negative keyword lists.

I have used Google Analytics since prior to Google purchasing what was then known as Urchin. I also know all the ins and outs of Google Search Console.

I have experience with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, HootSuite, Buffer, Screaming Frog Spider and many other professional SEM tools.

I have consulted with small and mid-sized businesses across the country.

In my responsibilities as a Google AdWords Consultant managed and optimized 50+ Google AdWords accounts. I perform adjustments, amd optimizations and experiments. I set-up ad extensions, maintain budgets, create reports, and track conversions which are essential to managing a profitable AdWords account.  I have managed Google AdWords Accounts monthly budgets with ad spends as little as $2k a month and one I build up to $3k spend per day.

SEO Services Provided To Clients

  • Analyse Prior Attempts Website SEO
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Fix Technical SEO Issues
  • Optimize Website For Speed
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Add Meta Page Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Compress Images For Speed
  • Add Targeted Keywords ToAlt-Text Fields In Images Have
  • Ensure Headers On Pages And Posts
  • Create Internal Link Structure
  • Install Caching System On WordPress Sites
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Create Schema & Rich Snippets Code
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Track Keyword Rank


Experienced mining Google Analytics data, utilizing Google Search Console, SEMrush, MOZ,  Keyword Planner, Screaming Frog Spider, SpyFu, and other professional tools. I have optimized over 100 WordPress websites for SEO and site speed.

Will work with you on a weekly or monthly basis and work on a retainer basis 650/hour for AdWords Consulting or SEO.  No long-term contracts to lock you in. You may cancel my services anytime.

Contact me by phone 860.659.7135 or email at

Google AdWords Manager and SEO Services Connecticut

Google Adwords Management Connecticut

Google AdWords Manager in Connecticut

Google AdWords Management From A Certified Consultant

I have 13 years experience creating and managing Google AdWords accounts (including keyword and competitor research). I once managed an account with a budget of $100,000 a month and turned it into a money-maker.

Spend time daily optimizing keywords, bids, and ads to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Pay monthly for access to many Google AdWords professional-grade tools which give insight on tweaking accounts, allow me to review competitor data, and keep me current with best practices.


Google SEO Expert Connecticut

I  keep up with the latest AdWords features to enhance my client’s campaigns.

I add extensions, keywords, bid strategies and run reports.

I charge a fair hourly rate.

No locked-in long-term contracts.

I also am an SEO expert also with 13 years experience using white-hat techniques to rank businesses as high up in Google as possible. Perform Local SEO, technical SEO audits, on-site SEO, website speed-ups, SEO existing content, create internal links, track keyword ranking and many other duties depending on the client.

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