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Learn Google AdWords The DIY Way Today

I have been using Google AdWords for 13+ years and I’m Google-certified. I’m an AdWords and SEO expert consultant with B2B and B2C experience in a variety of industries.  If you need assistance with either, I’d love to help you.

Below are a few links to learn Google AdWords the DIY way.

I like courses. Most are $9.99 and have 30-days to return.

For AdWords. You MUST research your keywords, choose correct keyword match types, learn from competitors, create great ads, test ads (run at least 2 at a time), send visitors to great landing pages, structure your account logically, make sensible bids, control your budget, use AdWords targeting (demographics, device, etc.), use AdWords extensions, TRACK CONVERSIONS, optimize your account frequently, avoid the search partner network (unless using remarketing), only show ads in the locations you cover, and other skills to increase ROAS.

Guide to Google AdWords Beginner Edition

Google AdWords: The Beginner’s Guide

8 Best (& Free!) AdWords Tutorials for Beginners Right Now

AdWords Courses on Udemy

#1 Pick On Udemy

Ultimate Google AdWords Course


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