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Google AdWords Consultant Connecticut

Google AdWords Consultant Connecticut

Google Ads CT

Search for a Google AdWords Consultant? Google’s advertising platform, Adwords (now Google Ads), can be highly effective targeting searchers and measure return on investment. AdWords has been the industry leader for over 15 years and has many methods to bring highly targeted traffic directly to your website landing pages. Google makes it easy for you to begin driving traffic to your products and spend money on paid search advertising immediately.

AdWords Management

Before you begin your journey into AdWords advertising you may want to hire a professional freelance consultant like me. I have over 13 years of experience managing Google AdWords accounts, campaigns, ads, keywords, and budgets. I have managed 100s of accounts. I am Google AdWords Certified which means I have to take and pass two AdWords tests each year. I charge a very affordable hourly rate to manage, optimize and advise regarding AdWords accounts. I additionally have 13 years of experience in SEO.

Adwords Campaigns

Get a profitable AdWords account created to begin your PPC experience off on the correct footing. Increasing the volume of targeted search traffic to your landing pages via Adwords advertising involved performing proper and extensive keyword research, creating relevant AdWords ads and enticing calls-to-action within those ads.

There are many AdWords “extensions” that are designed to inform searcher more about you and your products and those must be set-up. Your AdWords traffic should be sent to the correct and correctly optimized web page on your site for the highest quality scores and the lowest costs.

Adwords Optimization

Profitable search marketing via Adwords needs optimization. This may involve raising of lowering bids on keywords. Creating new, better performing ads, eyeing the competition via online AdWords tool sites, and performing A/B testing on your website landing pages.

Spend Optimization

Create additional leads for less money through expert bidding  Ensure your campaigns are set up correctly to achieve the highest quality scores in AdWords (10) so you pay less for higher rankings.

Keyword Optimization

Do not waste your Adwords spend on broad match keyword bids. To increase click-through rates, quality scores and reduce cost per clicks you need to use the correct keyword match type.

Bidding Strategy

A properly maintained Google Adwords budget will ensure that your money is being spent the correct way. With Google AdWords, it is possible to increase or decrease your bids based on demographics, gender, device, interest, time of day, geolocation and more.

Connecticut AdWords Consultant

Google AdWords allows you to bring searchers making a purchasing decision to your website.

Reduce wasted ad spend and increase conversions with professional Google AdWords management. Google support to assist you, but it has become very spotty over the years.

I advise everyone to find an AdWords expert with 5-10 years experience and can offer you the attention you deserve.

I do not take a percentage of your spend as many agencies do. I offer my expert services at affordable rates because I enjoy the online marketing industry and live in a Connecticut where your expenses are much lower than NYC, Boston, or LA.

I have 13 years SEO experience with satisfied clients for whom I have provided my Google AdWords Consultant & SEO services. Please call 860.659.7135 or email [email protected] to discuss your AdWords history, what has gone right, what has gone wrong and figure out what direction you want to take your account into the future.

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